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Cryosurgery and wart (adenoma) removal

By September 28, 2018 Interesting Cases

Lumps are quite common on dogs as they get older.  Some larger lumps or lumps under the skin and may need a biopsy or fine needle aspiration to rule out a serious cancerous growth.  However adenomas (or warts) are one of the most common lumps that we see on our dogs.   Most of these warts or adenomas to not bother the dog.  However, sometimes they do irritate the dog who will chew at them or get them infected.  Sometimes the owner just wants them removed since it is on an area where they commonly pet the dog such as the top of their head.   In the past, we had to use a general anesthetic or local anesthetic in order to excise the adenoma and place sutures. 

Recent advances in human medicine, and now veterinary medicine,  has made cryosurgery accessible to veterinarians.   We are able to use a Cryoprobe which sprays a very cold yet precise flow of nitrous oxide directly onto the wart.  The freezing power of the Cryoprobe penetrates fast to the bottom of the lesion.  That results in effective treatment with very little discomfort and without the need for any sedation or anesthesia. Give us a call if you are interested in having any warts removed from your dog.