Senior and Palliative Care

Unfortunately our pets do age faster than we do and far too soon become senior pets.

Senior pets often require a different level of care then the youngsters do.  Senior pets often do not complain but can show subtle signs of arthritis or other diseases that can affect their quality of life.  During these “Senior Years”, our faithful companions deserve the same quality of life that we would expect for ourselves.  Luckily for them there are numerous options available to improve their comfort and quality of life.  Give us a call so we can give your pet a thorough physical examination and discuss the best options for you and your pet.

When the time comes when your pet’s quality of life does deteriorate despite your best efforts, the subject of euthanasia does surface.  We can help you with this decision and palliative care options for your beloved pet.

Some clients also find this questionaire helpful to assist them in determing their pet’s quality of life:

Euthanasia – Is it Time?