Endoscopy is the use of a specialized fiber optic medical camera.  Dr. Todd Morgan has had in-depth training at Colorado State University and Tuft’s Medical Center in Boston in both introductory and advanced endoscopy and performs numerous referral procedures for surrounding veterinary clinics in Niagara.

There are a wide variety of endoscopy techniques used to help diagnose or treat your pet with certain medical conditions.

Certain procedures commonly performed at our hospital include:

Upper & Lower GI endoscopy: to take biopsies of the stomach/intestines/colon, place a stomach tube, or remove foreign objects that your animal may have swallowed.

Laparoscopy: performed very commonly in human medicine (minimally invasive surgery) to look inside the abdomen for taking biopsies (liver, kidney, tumour, etc), perform castrations (cryptorchid testicles), or other types of surgeries.

Rhinoscopy: looking inside the nose (nasal cavity) for foreign bodies, tumours, infections, etc.

Cystoscopy: looking inside the bladder for bladder stones, tumours, bleeding, abnormal anatomy, or other conditions that cause abnormal urination.

Bronchoscopy: looking inside the lungs to obtain a sample, remove foreign material (eg. stone in photo above), etc.

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