• Nov 13 2014

    Thumbnail for Ebola and Your Pets

    Ebola and Your Pets

    By Lynn Buzhardt, DVM …

  • Nov 06 2014

    Thumbnail for A Salute to Military Working Dogs

    A Salute to Military Working Dogs

    A Navy Seal and his dog rappelled from the scoreboard to the field of Cowboys Stadium in Texas to deliver the official game coin for the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals football game. The…

  • Oct 07 2013

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    OPEN HOUSE - Video

    Check out the events from out Open House from September 28, 2013 …

  • Oct 07 2013

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    Check out our new WELCOME Video

    This short video is an introduction to our practice and higlights some of our great services. …

  • Sep 27 2013

    OPEN HOUSE - September 28, 2013

    Don't miss our Open House Saturday September 28th from 1 to 4 PM for lots of fun and prizes.

  • Jun 01 2012

    Is having a dog under your desk better than having the corner office?

    We all know the feeling. You get home from a tough day at work: you’re tired, you’re stressed, you’re preoccupied with the day’s events. But then, you open your door, and there’s the dog,…

  • Jun 01 2012

    Tick Prevention

    Tick season is upon us again. Or at least, it is now in full swing, as ticks have been found on dogs even in northern areas in the winter. Along with these ticks come conversations about what is or…