• Sep 06 2011

    Rabies as a human health threat

    In August 2010, the Peruvian Health Ministry reported an outbreak of rabies in humans caused by bites from vampire bats. Vampire bats normally feed on blood from livestock or other animals, attacking…

  • Sep 01 2011

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    Ten Common Dog Myths

    1. Dogs don't need to be housebroken - they naturally know where to go. If they make a mess in the house, they should be punished.…

  • Apr 01 2011

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    Chocolate Poisoning

    With Easter arriving this month, your pet may get into the treats left behind by the Easter Bunny. With their sensitive noses, dogs can easily sniff out chocolate goodies from the best hiding spots!…

  • Apr 01 2011

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    What's in a pet food label?

    Pet food labels contain a lot of information, some of which is easily misunderstood. Government regulations dictate the minimum information that will be found on a label, and this information varies…

  • Jan 16 2011

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    NEW Laser Therapy at Morgan Animal Hospital

    [caption id="attachment_1126" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Simba enjoying getting his "painless" laser therapy on his arthritic elbow"][/caption]…

  • Mar 28 2010

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    Morgan Animal Hospital 2010 Newsletter

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  • Apr 12 2009

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    Morgan Animal Hospital 2009 Pet Gazette Newsletter

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