Welcome to our hospital tour which allows you to view our facility from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to check out our Hospital Tour Video – just click on the following YouTube link:


We’re easy to find on the corner of Portage Rd and O’Neil St.


Our friendly front office staff welcomes all of our clients and their pets.


We carry and wide variety of Prescription and Premium pet food depending on your pet’s individual needs. Numerous pet accessories are also available to pamper your canine or feline friend.


One of the four examination rooms where we perform routine physical examinations, vaccinations, and address all of your concerns regarding your pet.


The pharmacy is where we make up your pet’s prescriptions and enter the medical information into our computerized records.


Where we run numerous lab samples in our hospital. Some specialized tests are sent out to outside laboratories in Toronto or Guelph.


Where we take radiographs (X-Rays) of your pet to assist us with our diagnosis.


Looking a little worried, but she is in good hands while she gets the x-ray taken.


Dr. Gagnon is looking at a dog’s chest x-rays for any problems.


Dr. Morgan is performing Laparoscopy (using a specialized camera in the abdomen) on this cat to examine the liver and obtain a biopsy.


Dr. Morgan in surgery getting ready to start a Spay (Ovariohysterectomy) procedure.


Our Registered Veterinary Technician is performing a dental procedure and scaling this dog’s teeth while he is under anesthesia.


Dr. Seon is performing a spay (ovariohysterectomy) procedure on this dog while he is under anesthesia. The anesthesia is closely monitored by our Veterinary Technicians who use state of the art respiratory monitors, IV fluid pumps, and blood pressure monitors to assist them during the procedure.


Our post-anesthetic recovery area is where we monitor patients as they awake from anesthesia. This area is also used to monitor critical patients that require more intensive monitoring.


Our bathing and food preparation to prepare any meals for your pet while they are staying with us.


Our spacious climate controlled kennel room features numerous runs for dogs. We also have a separate “Cat Ward” to reduce our felines stress while they are here. We also offer veterinary supervised boarding for your pet to ensure they are closely monitored while you are away.


Office where the veterinarians work on their records or reference textbooks or online veterinary websites to remain current.


Staff Room/Lunch Area